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I've Got It Covered! Creating Magazine Covers to Summarize Texts

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There are two main papers. Fix it writing; GPS SATs practice for KS2; Home learning for year 6 – English; Literacy skills posters; Forest Magazine article A journalistic writing task sheet all about discovering a new plant or animal in the forest.

Keystage 1

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Essay about my friend wedding zombie essay on education and employment society. Learn more on how to write the perfect interview article for a magazine. Get tips and tricks on how to choose questions, structure the article and examples.

SATs Key Stage 1 comprises of Year 1 and Year 2 and pupils’ ages range from This Key Stage normally covers pupils in infant school, but they can also form part of a first or primary school. There is a phonics screening done at the end of Year 1, but the main assessment is done at the end of Year 2.

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National Curriculum Year 6 SAT tests can be important, but the majority of students should reach level 4 by the end of Year 6. SATS tests show whether a student. KS2 MFL Lesson Plan – Use the Spanish Version of George’s Marvellous Medicine to Write Your Own Wacky Recipes Part bird, perhaps part angel, Skellig is a mystical creature inhabiting a mundane setting.

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