Translation industry in germany

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The trend in the translation industry in the UK, USA and Germany

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The Translation Industry

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Translation of

Many translated example sentences containing "industry" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations.

Membership in the American Translators Association is an invaluable asset to translators and interpreters working in the industry. Being an ATA Member >> There is an association for almost every industry and every profession.

ATA certification is one of the industry's most respected and recognized credentials.

Professional Language Translation Services

The ATA Certification Program's goals are to elevate professional standards, enhance individual performance, and recognize translators who possess the knowledge and skills necessary to provide quality translation. Arrogance and complacency are widespread in Germany industry, with Volkswagen becoming just the most recent example.

For the German economy to remain healthy, fundamental changes are necessary. Translation of "heavy industry" in German. Search heavy industry in: Web Images Definition Dictionary Conjugation Synonyms. Noun. Schwerindustrie.

Which language is

Other translations. The fisheries industry is a heavy industry, one with regrettably long working hours and also dangerous work. Q1: What is "Made in China "? A1: "Made in China " is an initiative to comprehensively upgrade Chinese industry.

The initiative draws direct inspiration from Germany's "Industry " plan, which was first discussed in and later adopted in

Translation industry in germany
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