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Steve Reich

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Radio Rewrite

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Radio Rewrite is something of a study on how music breeds music. Indeed, hearing someone playing your own music can be just as inspirational, as Reich found in after seeing Radiohead ‘s Jonny Greenwood playing his composition, Electric Counterpoint. When composers like Philip Glass and Steve Reich objected the label "minimalism" being applied to their music -- which was, frankly, minimal -- you couldn't help but feel the sense of special pleading about a self-inflicted wound.

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Radio Rewrite (), one of the composer's newest pieces as of its recording here, is a bit off the beaten Reich track. The work is for 11 instruments, close to the ensemble heard in the Double Sextet. Nonesuch releases Pulitzer Prize winning composer Steve Reich s album Radio Rewrite on September 30, Co-commissioned for and recorded by Alarm Will Sound, the title piece references two songs by the English band Radiohead/5(6).

Nov 17,  · Northwestern University Contemporary Music Ensemble, Alan Pierson, conductor. Performed November 16,with the composer-in-residence.

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Steve reich radio re write album anime
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