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Welcome To Frank Murphy Hurleys “One of the most important GAA men in Waterford, Frank Murphy family are steeped in the history of hurley making.” – RTE Press Center “Legendary hurley maker Frank Murphy” – The Irish Times Dating back tocraftmanship and heritage are combined at Frank Murphy Hurleys, our workshop situated outside Kilmeaden, Co.

Beyond ‘Endurance’: The life of ‘Mad’ Frank Hurley, Australian photographer

Waterford is a. This Hurley on Ice was also called Rickets and Shinny but was eventually called Hockey somewhere in the later part of the 's.

Frank Hurley

There is a story that a Royal Canadian Rifles officer stationed in Nova Scotia named "Hockey" for years had his men play this game and that's how the name of Hurley or Shinny changed to Hockey.

"Hurley is a warrior with his camera, and would go anywhere or do anything to get a picture." -- Lionel Greenstreet, First Officer of the Expedition Ship Endurance. "Mad" Frank Hurley was a. Frank Hurley was once a household name in Australia.

Now most famous for his photographs of the Shackleton Endurance and Mawson Antarctic expeditions, he was also a visual chronicler of many of the major events of the 20th century and of a rapidly disappearing non-Western world.5/5(2). Climbing costs, patient totals create challenges for Buffalo home health care agencies.

More patients could be a good thing for Western New York's home health care providers — as long as they. The Newt doesn't have the tough guy, mafioso persona that fellow crooner Frank Sinatra captured, but he may have shared Frank's predilection for palling around with gangsters.

Frank hurley
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