Effects of minimum drinking age laws

Journal of Studies on Alcohol

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National Minimum Drinking Age Act

Typically, these laws prohibit driving with a BAC of % or greater. The zero tolerance and minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) laws are the primary legal countermeasures against underage drinking and driving in the United States.

Minimum Drinking-Age Laws Are Effective "Effects of Minimum Drinking Age Laws: Review and Analysis of the Literature from to ," Journal of Studies on Alcohol, vol. 63, Marchpp. – Expand Effects of Minimum Drinking Age Laws: Review and Analyses of the Literature from to ABSTRACT.

Objective: The goal of this article is to review critically the extant minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) research literature and summarize the current state. National Minimum Drinking Age Act Long title An Act to encourage a uniform minimum drinking age of 21; to combat drugged driving, improve law enforcement and provide incentives to.

the effects of recent changes in minimum drinking age laws on alcohol consumption, and on other relevant attitudes and behaviors. The analyses utilize existing data collected by the Monitoring the Future project, an ongoing. Effects of Minimum Drinking Age Laws: Review and Analyses of the Literature from to ALEXANDER C.

WAGENAAR, PH.D.,t AND TRACI L. TOOMEY, PH.D. Division ofEpidemiology, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, South Second Street, SuiteMinneapolis, Minnesota ABSTRACT.

Effects of minimum drinking age laws
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