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Why did David Sedaris' sister kill herself?

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David Rakoff

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An excerpt from "This American Life" on NPR -- honoring the memory of longtime contributor David Rakoff. The tribute aired on Aug. 17, I heard this selection, coincidentally, on my way to usher "Rent" at the 5th Ave Theatre in Seattle. Nov 24,  · David Sedaris was one of six siblings, but in May this year that number became five when his youngest sister, Tiffany, committed suicide, shortly before her.

David Rakoff never actually published the longer essay about jkaireland.com died in August and the devastating episode of This American Life later released in his honor, titled "Our Friend David.

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We’re all–students and faculty alike–tired, busy, and kind of gloomy. David Rakoff died on August 9, He’d appeared on This American Life 25 times, first induring the third month of the show; his last appearance was just a few weeks before he died. He was on the program so often that in putting together this week’s show, we realized we could tell a lot of his life story, simply through things he said on the show.

David rakoff rent essay this american life
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Our Friend David - This American Life