Automation unemployment

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In a new report, the current White House administration addresses the subject of unemployment due to automation, which is estimated to eliminate up to 47 percent of jobs. Up to one fifth of the global work force will be affected by global automation, says McKinsey. Jul 19,  · In the early days of the industrial revolution, many worried that the automation of agriculture would leave everyone unemployed.

Why Isn’t Automation Creating Unemployment? Research Summary New artificial intelligence and robotic technologies are fueling fears that automation will cause widespread unemployment.

Feb 14,  · Robots could push unemployment to 50% in 30 years, prof says. Technically Incorrect: A computational engineering professor paints a miserable picture of a leisured future. As automation kills some jobs, it creates others As the Industrial Revolution ended, about half of American workers were still employed in agriculture jobs, and almost all of those jobs were about.

Automation unemployment
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